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Initial Examination/ConsultationFREEFREEFREE
Single X-Ray (bitewing or periapical)FREEFREEFREE
Local AnestheticsFREEFREEFREE

Whitening / Bleaching

Laser Teeth Whitening€ 134£120$151
Teeth Whitening, take home kit€ 134£120$151

Crowns / Veneers

Porcelain Crown€ 111£100$126
Zirconia Based GC Porcelain Crown€ 195£175$220
Zirconia Based E-max Porcelain Crown/Veneer€ 195£175$220
Lumineers (Feldspathic Veneers) – Hand Made€ 255£230$289
Plastic Temporary Crowns or Dentures         FREEFREEFREE
E- Max Laminate Veneer€ 234£210$264
Empress Laminate veneer€ 234£210$264
Bonding – Ceramic- Composite Veneers€ 167£150$188


Full Denture, Acrylic Teeth (upper or lower)€ 387£349$438

Implant Procedures

Dentsply DIO Implant + Abutment€ 387£349$438
Nobel Implant + Abutment€ 609£549$688
Straumann GRP Medentika Implant + Abutment€ 720£649$813
Membrane€ 167£150$188
Bone graft€ 167£150$188
Sinus Lifting Surgery€ 167£150$188
“All on Four” System with fixed acrylic bridge€ 2.885£2.600$3.259
“All on Six” System NOBEL Biocare with fixed hybrid acrylic prosthetics€ 4.119£3.700$4.647
“All on Eight” System NOBEL Biocare with fixed hybrid acrylic prosthetics€ 5.344£4.800$6.034
“Three on Six” System NOBEL Biocare with fixed 3 partial porcelain bridge€ 5.344£4.800$6.034

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal for each root€ 56£50$63
Post/Core Build-up€ 56£50$63

Other Procedures

Teeth Cleaning€ 39£35$44
White Filling€ 39£35$44
Extraction (simple)€ 39£35$44
Extraction (surgical or impacted)€ 84£75$94
Night guard€ 34£30$38
Sedation Vascular Access 1 Hour€ 278£250$314